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“The Red Heifer” aka “The Holy Cow” Part #3

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Remember, every sacrifice in the O.T. is a type pointing to Israel’s Messiah Jesus Christ, especially the ‘Red Heifer.’ They are just shadows (skia) as Paul points out in Col. 2:14-17, but the body, the (soma) is Jesus Christ! As I said Rabbis struggle with this sacrifice and even the Midrash says, “Solomon was wiser than all men, but when he came to the section of the ‘Red Cow’ he admitted, “I said, I will get wisdom, but it was far from me.” It was the only animal which had to be a particular color, the only one that had to be offered outside the camp, and the only one whose ashes had to be kept after it was sacrificed. Why, no reason or explanation is given or how the ashes can clean an unclean person, but then how can blood wash away your sins?  In Num. 19:1-2, we have a ‘Red Heifer’ which is red in color, for the blood sacrifice, a young female calf, three years old, without spot (ta-meem) perfect, without blemish (moom) stain, spot, or blot, never yoked, ridden, tamed or even blanketed. A strong, pristine, uncorrupted by civilization female calf, “A Little Princess!” The Midrash says this Heifer is worth 10,000 pieces of gold, at today’s rate that would be 20 million dollars, pretty expensive steaks, wouldn’t you say? By the way 30 pieces of silver was the price of a female slave, ring any bells? As we quickly run through this several pictures will come into focus so keep your camera rolling.

In Num. 19:3 they were to give the heifer to the priest and he was to bring it outside the camp and slay it before His face (paw-neem). Whose face? The LORD’s face, you will find this particular order 58 times in the book of Leviticus. Then in v.4 the high priest cuts her throat, sticks his left hand in the blood and sprinkles it seven times with his right index finger (the number of completion) toward the ‘Holy of Holies.’ Then in v.5 they burn the heifer in His sight, all of it, flesh, skin, blood, meat, dung, hair, all of it. So it is totally consumed! Then v.6 the high priest throws some cedar wood, scarlet, and hyssop into the fire. Why? The Rabbis don’t know, but you do! Think of Calvary for a moment, He is outside of the camp or city of Jerusalem on a hill nailed to a tree. What kind of a tree, olive, apple, pear, cherry, what kind of a tree would give them planks big enough to crucify men on? Only one I know of, cedar trees, what kind of a robe did they put on Him to mock Him in Matt. 27:28, scarlet, and what kind of a branch did they put the sponge of vinegar on and lift it up to his mouth on the cross in John 19:29, hyssop. ‘Scarlet, Hyssop and Cedar!’ Oh, you are making this up, am I? Read the texts!

In Num. 19:7-8, the priest and the one burning the heifer must wash and bathe and remain unclean until the evening sacrifice. A clean man v.9, shall gather up the ashes and lay them up in a clean place outside the camp. They were to be mixed with living or running water for Israel, the water of purification or separation, Num. 31:23. (Later is was the Gihon Springs or The Pool of Siloam). There were to be three parts, one part was outside the camp at the ‘Altar of the Heifer,’ one part was for the priests for cleansing, and one part was kept in, “The House of Stone” in front of the ‘Women’s Court’ in stone jars called (klal) because Jewish people believed that sin could not penetrate stone. Does this have any bearing on John 2:6, the stone water pots for purifying? Even after the Temple was destroyed the ashes were available for cleansing at the Eastern Gate until 500 A.D. Though the ashes make an unclean person clean v.10, they also make a clean person who administers them, gathers them, or prepares them unclean. He who touches a dead body is unclean for 7 days v.11-12 and he is to be purified with it, the ashes, on the 3rd and 7th day, if he doesn’t he remains unclean and shall be ‘cut off’ v.13, (ka-rath) this was the most feared punishment of the Jewish people. It meant to be ‘Eliminated not Exterminated,’ condemned to hell, no hope of an after life, this was the most terrible punishment known to the Jewish people. This was called “Corpse Impurity,” which is referred to as, “the father of fathers of impurity” in Hebrew (‘av ‘avot ha-tumah). That is why when a Jewish person dies he must be buried immediately to limit the number of persons brought into ritual contamination. Normally a ‘Mikvah’ a ritual bath would cleanse you from most kinds of ritual impurity but for ‘corpse impurity’ something special was needed, something found in the 113th commandment of the 613 mandatory commandments of Judaism which states, “The ashes of the ‘Red Heifer’ are to be used in the process of ritual purification.” Anyone who touches a dead body v.13-17, a grave, a bone, or one slain or anyone or anything that touched one of those or was in the tent when one died is unclean and needs to be sprinkled with the water of separation of the ‘Red Heifer.’ You see the ashes of the ‘Red Heifer’ have to do with death not life, because they are going to have about 1,000 funerals every week or more for 40 years while on the ‘Barnea Death March’ to the ‘Promised Land.

The Jewish Midrash speaks about, ‘The Causeway of The Heifer’ running from the Eastern Gate to the Mount of Olives to a spot called the “Mount of Appointment,” supported by double arches over the Kidron Valley. It was the same bridge the ‘Scape Goat’ was escorted over on the day of ‘Atonement’ to be released into the Judean desert or thrown off a cliff after 40 A.D. If the veils were opened, the high priest could sprinkle the blood 7 times looking straight over the Eastern gate , through the Holy Place into the Holy of Holies. That implies that the ‘Dome of the Mosque’ is not on the original Temple site but the ‘Dome of The Spirits or Dome of The Tablets’ is. There is a small walled garden owned by the Armenian Church which is believed to be on the site of the altar of the ‘Red Heifer’ but the Armenian Priests won’t allow any archaeology at this time. What does all this mean to the Jewish man? Israel’s Messiah is coming soon! If Maimonides was here right now, he would say a hearty, Awmane! Rabbi Chaim Richman said, “We cannot help but wonder and pray: If there are now Red Heifers, is ours the era that will need them?” We hope to see you next time at, ‘’  “…a more sure word of prophecy…”

“The Red Heifer” aka “The Holy Cow” Part #3

“Thus we hold the word of prophecy to be more certain than ever. You should give that word your closest attention, for it shines like a lamp amidst the darkness of the world, until the day dawns, and the morning star rises in your hearts. But you must understand that this is of the highest importance: no prophecy of scripture can be interpreted by a single human mind. No prophecy came because a man wanted it to: men of God spoke because they were inspired by the Holy Spirit.”- Phillips Modern English.

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